The Bridge Trust

About The Bridge Trust Thames Valley

The Bridge Trust Thames Valley are a registered charity based in Maidenhead, Berkshire.


The Bridge Trust Thames Valley is a registered charity no: 1063163. It was established on 24th April 1997 and the initial project was a housing initiative for homeless young men. When local statutory provision improved, the project reached a natural end and was sold. A proportion of the proceeds were allocated to setting up re:charge.

With a lot of support from the people and churches of Maidenhead, re:charge opened in November 2002 moving to Kingsway House, King Street, Maidenhead in June 2006, having outgrown its original home.

In the year 2013, re:charge closed it's doors after 10 successful years of support and helping to change many lives for the better. The youth group also closed yet the Trust is now working to a fresh operating model with renewed efficiency and effectiveness


Our mission is to help young people find hope for the future by engaging with and encouraging their communities, especially local churches, to provide role models, friends, facilities and activities to help them make positive choices, form strong relationships, build confidence and discover talents. We do this because of the hope Jesus Christ has given us which inspires us to reach out to others.


Our vision is to build thriving communities in the areas we work which are safe, healthy, lovely and fun places for children and young people to grow and develop. This work will be a legacy of hope for future generations.



  • As a Christian organization, our belief and faith in Jesus Christ inspires what we do.
  • We rely on God for all we need and work hard to take good care of what we are given.
  • We have hope for the future even in the most hopeless circumstances.
  • We believe the best of and for all those who work for us and with us, whether they have faith in Jesus Christ or not.


  • In building our team and partnerships we believe that how we treat each other speaks louder than what we say.
  • We are willing to take risks and make mistakes in order to grow and develop.
  • All individuals are valuable and have gifts and talents to make a positive contribution.
  • We respect each others work and realize we all contribute in many different ways.
  • We identify and encourage potential and celebrate success.


  • The Bridge Trust Thames Valley exists because we believe in a God who wants to transform individuals and communities through forgiveness, love and acceptance.
  • No matter how small or insignificant we think our actions are, God can turn them into something extraordinary.

Aims & Objectives

To improve the lives of residents in Maidenhead and the surrounding area by supporting community projects that focus on those who are underserved or overlooked by other facilities


  • Provide governance, operational support and a registered charitable base for community projects
  • Help with fundraising and financial management of projects
  • Supply mentors for project members and leaders
  • Create opportunities for volunteering and enable local people to demonstrate community care
  • Equip projects with shared services to promote best practice and maximise cost efficiencies

Who's Involved

The Board of Trustees have overall responsibility for strategic management. They are:

  • Matt Oldham (Chair)
  • Olu Odeniyi
  • Rob Hayward
  • Mary Drew

Currently supported projects include:

  • Recharge R&R - Hannah Lucas, Georgie Grafham
  • Radio Project and Youth Worker, joint project with Norden Farm - DJ Mhlanga

The work could not be done without the many volunteers in Maidenhead and the surrounding area who support the activities and come alongside the young people.